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Booking conditions, advice & tips.

NOTE: This information largely relates to private parties, for a Press Kit and Tech Notes please contact Louie directly.

    • How much is a Children’s Entertainer? This is often the first question many people have. Prices for a private party can be found HERE and are inclusive of travel expenses within 1 hour travel of Belfast. A small fee may apply for engagements further than this.
    • The ‘Louie Show’ can be tailored to children of 4 years and up.
    • Groups of less than 10 in number is not recommendedIf you think that this may be the case then ask Louie for advice.
    • The performance space. Louie can adapt to the space available but he does require at least 2 -3 feet of clear space in front and to his sides. It is IMPORTANT that a wall or barrier of some kind is behind Louie to prevent people passing behind him.
    • Payment. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cheque at least ONE WEEK in advance. Otherwise a full cash payment can be made on the day. Please contact Louie for bank/PayPal details.
    • Start Times. More often than not Louie will have another show booked in after your event and for this reason booked start and finish times should be observed as closely as possible. Louie tries to accommodate unforeseen circumstances where possible but asks for your consideration in this area.
    • Sound. In larger venues, Louie provides his own PA/amplification should this be necessary.
    • Louie’s act lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes (depending on package chosen) and can be followed by a session of live caricature drawing, please ask for details.
    • Balloons: Simple balloon modelling is ONLY available for smaller private parties (depending on package chosen).
    • Children 5 and under: For children 5 and under the shorter show is recommended. Please contact Louie for details or to discuss your needs.
    • The Louie show is hysterical children’s entertainment but has appeal for the whole family.
    • IMPORTANT – Child Protection Safety. It is best practice that at least one adult (other than Louie) is always present during a show or caricature session.
    • Louie does not dress as a clown or wear face make-up, he does however act like one and he wears a very bright suit!
    • The audience space. Generally speaking the smaller the audience the smaller the venue. If you have just 10 children in a large hall it can be difficult to get the right atmosphere. With this number of children a performance is better suited to a large room at home or in the smaller room of a leisure centre, if available. However, the space still needs to be big enough that the audience can all sit directly in front of Louie and where possible avoid seating children to the side of the performer. This position gives a poor view and may spoil their enjoyment of the show.
    • When possible, book Louie to come a half hour after all the guests have arrived. Late comers can cause quite a bit of commotion on arrival, especially if they arrive bearing gifts! Limiting interruptions during the show is important as most children are easily distracted and the entertainer needs their attention throughout the show. A show will consist of a beginning, middle and an end, and it is important that the children are focused throughout.
    • Please keep gifts/toys/pets/balloons out of reach and preferably out of sight. This may sound a bit extreme, but again these things may draw a child’s attention away from the show causing them to miss important details or lose focus. Holding the attention of very young children can be very difficult if a balloon floats by or the family pet makes an appearance (and if the balloon is tied to a family pet, then there’s absolutely no chance!).
    • Children under three often have very short attention spans and can sometimes become quite disruptive during a show. Should this be the case it’s a good idea to have a big net at hand or better still a handy grown-up to catch them!
    • Reduce background noise. More often than not this is caused by parents chatting nearby. Not only can this be distracting to the children it can also distract the performer. It’s a bit like someone talking behind you in the cinema!
    • Sweets tend to make kids a little hyperactive, quickly followed by a drop in attention. Where possible it’s better to keep sweets (and other food and drink, esp. Cola/caffeine drinks) till after the show.
    • Performing Outdoors. If you wish Louie to perform outdoors, please give advance notice and Louie can adjust his show accordingly.
    • Children outside of the target audience. Louie performs different shows with different approaches according to age range. While Louie tries to entertain everyone present, what amuses 4 to 6 year old children  won’t necessarily appeal to older children, which can result in some unwanted disruption. If older siblings do sit in on the act it can be helpful to explain to them beforehand who the show is aimed at, i.e. their younger sister, perhaps. Sometimes the sibling in this situation may be feeling ‘hard done by’ or perhaps a little envious of the attention that their younger sibling is receiving. If this is the case Louie can make a special effort to included them in a trick or perhaps consider booking Louie for a show that is tailored specifically to their age group.

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If you have any concerns or queries regarding these or any other issues then please do not hesitate to contact Louie for further information.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon!

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